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IUSAUTHOR law office, Bulgaria

IUSAUTHOR law office, Bulgaria
Address:Otez Paisii N2
Phone: +359888915215

"IUSAUTHOR" is one of the leading law offices in Bulgaria in the field of protection of intellectual property. Since its inception in 2004, The firm works exclusively in the field of prevention of copyrights , trademarks , industrial designs , patents , domain names and other business identifiers online as well as in the field of unfair competition. As a legal office , "IUSAUTHOR" is known among customers with honesty and integrity, focus on each case and the problem, as well as seeking to maximize defend the rights of the trustees , through a strict selection of the most adequate to remedy a particular situation .

As a intellectual property law office " IUSAUTHOR" is developed in two directions: national and international advisory and procedural legal action. National legal services offered by "IUSAUTHOR" are developed in consultation on the protection and registration of objects of intellectual property globally, namely: copyright, trademark, patent , industrial designs , plant varieties and animal breeds. In this context "IUSAUTHOR" accomplished professional representation before the Bulgarian Patent Office by professional industrial property representative. "IUSAUTHOR " offers legal representation by a lawyer specializing in intellectual property concerning envisaged in relevant competent in the national courts.

"IUSAUTHOR " works dynamically on cases related to unfair competition and litigation before the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) and Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) . With priority in this field “IUSAUTHOR” deals mainly with cases under Article 35 of the Law on Protection of Competition ( LPC ) , but covers other legal actions and disputes involving unfair competition as a whole: appeal of procurement concentration of economic business, cartel agreements , etc.

As a law firm "IUSAUTHOR " has a particular focus on the legal advice and protection of online art and especially businesses, developing in the Internet and clients of “IUSAUTHOR " are one of the leading computer and software companies, " start ups", online based companies and computer specialists in Bulgaria . The firm worked on many cases related to online relationships between different entities, preparation of general terms for websites, protecting of website content, online banking transactions, arbitration of disputes between trademarks and domain names , etc. The team of "IUSAUTHOR" is the main legal adviser to the territory of Bulgaria on cases concerning the so-called "free software" under "Linux " "GPL" licenses to "Free Software Foundation", Europe.

International legal services offered by "IUSAUTHOR" are related to the registration of European and trademarks (Community trademarks), European designs (Community designs) in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), Alicante, Spain. Firm " IUSAUTHOR" also offers registration of a European patent in the European Patent Office (EPO ) , Munich, Germany and international registration of trade marks, designs and patents under the Madrid Convention and the Protocol thereto , respectively, under the Hague Convention and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - industries that develop to the International intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, Switzerland. In this context, "IUSAUTHOR " offers legal protection by European patent attorney in proceedings conducted before OHIM, WIPO and accordingly the Court of Justice .

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