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Intellektus Network LTD, trademark registration worldwide
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Intellektus Network LTD

Intellektus Network LTD
Address:120 Gladstonos Street, Limassol, 3032 , Cyprus
Phone: +357 99 954 117
Mobile:+357 99 196 411

Intellektus Network LTD offers trademark registration worldwide, trademark search, trademark renewal, trademark protection. Patent, design, domain name, copyright services: search, registration, protection. Patent annuities. IP litigation. Full IP services worldwide.

Our services are:

1. Trademark registration and trademark protection services:

* Trademark registration worldwide: national, international trademark registration - W.I.P.O. system, European trademark registration - O.H.I.M. system, as well as trademark registration according to other treaties;
* Trademark search;
* trademark renewal;
* trademark oppositions, trademark refusals, trademark cancellations, intellectual property litigation and other means of trademark protection against unlawful competition, counterfeit with repair of material and moral damages;
* trademark watch - monthly trademark seach of newly published tardemarks - national, European trademarks, International trademarks and notification in order to file an opposition to similar or identical trademarks.

2. Patent registration and patent protection services are:

* Patent registration - on national level, European patent registration - E.P.O., international patent registration - P.C.T.;
* patent annuities - payment service, whith alert/ reminder service;
* Patent search;
* patent litigation which is handled by specialized patent attorneys, by means of legal letters, according to patent law and of patent litigation - cancellation of the registered patents, counterfeit, unlawful competition;
* patent translations.

3. Company set up and tax planning using payment of the royalties for the intellectual property: consulting and setting up companies in Cyprus and other friendly jurisdictions.

4. Domain name search, registration, dispute resolution services.

5. Trademark creation (logo and design creation services). Word trademarks and design trademarks.

6. Intellectual property
marketplace - sell & buy logos, trademarks, designs and patents.

7. Copyright registration and certification.

8. Notoriety certification & trademark valuation.