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Intellectual Property news

Date Country Category Title By
09.11.2015 Ukraine Copyright Ukraine to Launch Cybercrime Police Unit PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
07.10.2015 Moldova Copyright Moldova Ratifies Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
13.07.2015 Ukraine Copyright Ukraine to Introduce Automated System for Deposit of Copyright PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
13.07.2015 Ukraine Copyright Lily Allen Song Basis of Copyright Infringement Battle in Ukraine PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
13.07.2015 Kyrgyzstan Copyright Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Economic Union PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
13.07.2015 Ukraine Copyright Ukrainian Painter Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit against Local Businesswoman PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
12.01.2015 Serbia Copyright EC: Serbia Made Moderate Progress In IP Area In 2014 PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
05.12.2014 Bosnia and Herzegovina Copyright Methodology of Supervision of Copyright Collectives Adopted in Bosnia PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
05.12.2014 Hungary Copyright Hungarian Company Makes 600 Counterfeit Dictionaries PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC
08.10.2014 Azerbaijan Copyright Azerbaijan to Implement Holograms to Help Fight Piracy PETOSEVIC PETOSEVIC

Intellectual Property Articles

Date Country Category Title By
03.05.2014 Bulgaria Copyright Arrangements, problems and the protection of computer programs and databases according the CRRA. IUSAUTHOR law office, Bulgaria IUSAUTHOR law office, Bulgaria
08.06.2011 United States Copyright Copyright Compliance in Private Companies: Challenges & Solutions Intellektus Network LTD Intellektus Network LTD
13.03.2011 Sri Lanka Copyright Copy right in Sri Lanka Dissanayake M Sunil Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Laws & Regulations

Date Country Category Title By
22.04.2011 United States Copyright International IP Law Estudio Villano